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§5 - Guild rules 
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Post §5 - Guild rules
§5 - Guild rules

If anyone for any reason decides to leave Ragnarok, they cannot re-apply before at least 30 days have passed. Of course we evaluate each case, but the general rule is 30 days. Note also that getting re-invited is not guaranteed, even after 30 days.

If a character has been inactive for more than 30 days, they will be kicked for inactivity, this is because we want to keep the member list to those actually active in guild. Note that if you are kicked for inactivity, you will be allowed to rejoin without writing a new application, just contact an officer online. Note that you will not necessarily regain the position you had when you were kicked for inactivity.

Applications for other guilds
We do not allow any of our members to have applications for any other guilds when in Ragnarok. If you have open applications for other guilds when joining Ragnarok, you are required to withdraw them. If you for some reason want to join another guild, you have to leave Ragnarok before making an application elsewhere. If you are caught having an application with another guild (and yes, we have contacts) you will be summarily kicked from guild with slim to no chances of rejoining. Note that we do not want to “imprison” our members, if one chooses to “see the world” one may do so, with our blessing, but do it in a proper way, announce it on the forum, leave the guild, and then make an application for another guild.

Breaking guild rules

Harassing another member, or anyone outside guild can, and in most cases will, result in guild kick. We do thorough research before kicking anyone for harassment, but conclusive word from a GM, several other players, and guildies will result in kick with no chance of rejoining.

Exploiting the game in any way to get an advantage in the game will result in guild kick. We do not allow exploiting.

Scamming is not allowed by any members in Ragnarok, we want a good reputation and anyone scamming is destroying that image. Includes, but not limited to, AH scamming, trade scamming, trade-skill scamming and so forth.

Ninja Looting
Ninja looting, be it in-guild or in pug group will automatically result in guild kick.

Breaking the EULA
Breaking the EULA is not acceptable in any way. Ragnarok put great pride in its integrity, as a guild that comply with rules and guidelines set by the game and the game producers.

If there is great dissatisfaction surrounding one or more persons in the guild this may result in guild kick. Note that this always will be the last resort for such conflict; the leaders will try to resolve the conflict by trying to reach a settlement with the persons involved first.

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