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§6 - Member ranks 
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Post §6 - Member ranks
§6 - Member ranks

This is the Ranks of Ragnarok from top to bottom:

1. Guild Master
2. 2nd. In Command
3. Officer
4. Officer Alt
5. Veteran
6. Member
7. Alt

Differences and what the ranks stand for is listed bellow.

If you're granted trial in Ragnarok, this is your rank. Your trial will be rated after about 1 month (this may differ a few days). The outcome of the evaluation will be one of the following;
1. Promote: This means you’re granted membership in Ragnarok. Congratulations.
2. Extend: This means the leaders of Ragnarok feel they have insufficient grounds to make a decision and your trial has been extended for 1 month. This can only happen once (under normal circumstances).
3. Guild kick: You have been weighed and found too light. The leaders of Rangarok have decided that Ragnarok is not the guild for you.

Besides the loot rule difference, you can, if you want, act under the same rules as casuals.

Alts have the rank alt. Obviously.
Most, if not all, members have alts. Bank alts, twinks, tradeskill alts etc. From the day you're granted trial in Ragnarok you can have all your alts in Ragnarok, if you want, that's your choice. You may even have your alts in PVP / twink guilds, friends guilds, bank guilds and so on.

However: We do NOT accept alts in other raiding guilds.

We know this is hard to monitor and control, therefore we rely on your honesty. Contact an officer in game if you want to invite a(-nother) alt.

Proud members of Ragnarok. They stride through the streets of Dalaran, Stormwind, Ironforge or perhaps Orgrimmar proudly with the Ragnarok guild tabard and guild sign above their heads. They strike fear (or laughter) in their foes in WSG. People will expect them to behave in compliance to the standards they have come to expect from a representative of Ragnarok. And guess what, they’ve even got access to the FFA tab(s) in the Guildbank!

It’s a hidden knowledge and just a few really knows, but i’ll tell you a secret. It’s mostly a rank for retired Officer's / GM's. Veterans are mostly old and grumpy.

This sorry lot is there for your amusement. They make funny remarks, they whine, they argue and most of their decisions appear to lack any reason. They kick people. They invite people. They somehow make the wheels go round. If you have a question, a complaint, just want someone to tell you where the reagent vendor is in a random place or need a hug, whisper an Officer.
Officers are trusted members, often with long history in Ragnarok. They have the grand responsibility of managing the Guildbank and the daily affairs of Ragnarok.

2nd. In Command
This is the Guildmasters alts mostly. There can occur special occaions where an Officer will be promoted for a given time.

Officers are a playful and fun loving specie. They play tag. The looser gets the title GM. He / she is the only one with the power to kick Officers.

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