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Guild Rules 
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Guild rules:

§1. General
§1.0 Ragnarok shall be your only guild. Including your alts (the exception would be special cases, like a lowbie guild for fun).
§1.1 You may not apply to other guilds while in Ragnarok.
§1.2 All your chars must be registered in rrbot "/tell rrbot +alts add Nabbface"
§1.3 We do not exploit. If you come by a means to exploit in the game you should contact customer support via a GM, the test live forums or by a /petition.
§1.4 It is not allowed to leave the guild temporarily to engage in activity that would have led to violations of the rules of Ragnarok.
§1.5 Visit the forums regularly. Important information is given on the forum. In addition, if you haven't been on the forums to say your opinion, you can not complain if you disagree with upcoming changes.
§1.6 Use mumble! Mumble is mandatory in organized raiding and PvP. Mumble should also be used when teaming with guildies. We encourage our members to be logged on to mumble at all times.
§1.7 Use the Raid-planner! Any active member should sign on or off for every event on the calender.
§1.8 Pay your guild tax (0 gold atm). If you are unable to provide the required tax you should take contact with a Ragnarok officer (tells, forum, MSN). Guild tax benefits us all, and is important for maintaining a battle keep.
§1.9 Act polite and do not send "flame tells". This also applies to "Global" chat. On a PvP server you have to bear to be killed. Ingame chat should not be used to send rude tells or global whine about other guilds or individuals.
§1.10 Everyone must contribute to maintaining a good social environment. Ragnarok is a guild for both casual and hardcore players. Friendly irony or sarcasm excluded, of course, as long as everyone understands it.
§1.11 All forms of scamming is not allowed.
§1.12 All forms of spamming is not allowed.
§1.13 Breaking the EULA is not allowed.

§2. PvE raiding
§2.1 Follow the Ragnarok PvE Raid Guidelines.
§2.2 Meet prepared. More information in the post "Viktig info for alle nye som ønsker å raide T2/T3/T4!!".
§2.3 Do not go AFK during raids without notice. If you have to go AFK for more than 15 minutes outside of the agreed pauses, you should get someone else to take your place if possible.
§2.4 Sign up for raids on the Raid-planner. If you repeatedly sign up for raids without showing up, you will be deducted DKP as punishment.
§2.5 Do not slack. It is expected that everyone contribute with max DPS/Healing/Tanking and do what is expected of them and their class. Slacking will not be tolerated.
§2.6 You are currently not allowed to pug the following instances: TAS (tier 3).
§2.7 Ninja looting at guild or pug raids is not allowed.

§3. Siege

§3.1 Siege defence is mandatory. It is expected that all members of Ragnarok strive to be present during siege defences. People who are online but not present at defence will get guild kick.
§3.2 Listen to what the siege leaders say. If you can not follow orders you risk being replaced with others waiting in queue.
§3.3 Meet prepared. Read helpful forum posts such as "siege guide" and learn the basics!
§3.4 Do not sell the siege weapons that are handed out. They are only for siege attacks.
§3.5 Do not go AFK during siege. Time is precious, so eat and go to the bathroom BEFORE the siege begins.

§4. PvP

§4.1 Red is dead. Everyone on the server can be targeted and killed. Even so, show good manners; especially towards our siege ally.
§4.2 Any member of Ragnarok must be able to keep their temper in both fair and unfair pvp. Do not flame or rage in tells, global, guild chat or on mumble. It's important to remember that Fury is a PvP server.
§4.3 Do not leave minigames unless there are special circumstances.
§4.4 "Red is dead" applies to Border Kingdoms - Cimmerian End (Shrines of Bori) as well. Remember to communicate with any guildie currently trying to "sac", so that you can team up. A guildie should always take precedence over others (both for "harassment" and sacrificing).

§5. Mumble (VoIP)
§5.1 Respect each other on mumble. Whether it be PvP, PvE or RP, you should never bully or ridicule your guild mates - present or not.
§5.2 Don't cry out on mumble if you get angry. Scream so your neighbour can hear, but refrain from pushing the "push-to-talk" button meanwhile.
§5.3 Everyone must have a "push-to-talk" button assigned.
§5.4 Make sure you have proper settings and configurations set up.
§5.5 Respect your leaders and their decisions. Insubordination and bad behaviour will not be tolerated.
§5.6 Remember to apologize if you forgot your manners or made a mistake.

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